• Zywiolak - [folk]


    Country: Poland 
    Style: Folk, Folkrock
    Band Members: Robert Jaworski, Iza BYRA, Robert Wasilewski, Anucha Piotrowska, Maciek Dymek
    Profile: Word Zywiolak (Were-Upheaval, Were-Element) has no direct meaning, it’s no name of any mythical character. It’s just a word-game which is common in contemporary Slavic-type literature. Such words are to be found in book of beasts of Polish issues of RPGs, in poetry of Boleslaw Lesmian , or in artworks of modern generation - author of many lyrics used by Zywiolak - Zgorzelec-based multiartist Grzegorz Zak.
    URLs: http://www.zywiolak.pl/
  • Кветка Мара - [folk]


    01 - Песня о любви.mp3
    02 - Кветка-мара.mp3
    03 - Птенцы (Бардовская песня).mp3