• Label: Cold Meat Industry
    Catalog#: CMI199 
    Format: CD, Limited Edition
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2009
    Style:  Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Apocalyptic Folk, Ethereal, Ritual 

  • Poropetra - [neo folk]


    Country: Finland   
    Style: Neofolk, Folk Metal
    Band Members: Elsa Pardonen, Nancy, Juha Jyrkäs, Markus Ylikoski, Hittavainen, Leo Herranen
    Profile: Poropetra was founded in 2002 by Juha Jyrkäs. The first demo "Poropetra" -MCD was published in 2004. It represented modern Finnish folk music. In 2007 the band published their first album, "Sinihirwi", which mixed together the elements of Finno-Ugrian music traditions, Tuvan throat-singing, world music, psychedelic rock and traditional heavy rock. Thus the style changed into ethnic rock music. In the autumn 2007 guitar player Markus Ylikoski joined in Poropetra. The new sound started to change more and more guitar-driven stuff and much more versatile than before; new elements, new instruments and new soundscapes will be expected. The band has written new material for their next album, expected to be published somewhere in the future. In the spring 2008 some line-up changes also happened: kantele-player Kuuraparta and drummer Aapo Hopeakoski left the band and new drummer Lari Hammarberg and regular bass-player Leo Herranen joined the band. Now the sound is stronger than ever before and the music style is more rock-oriented, melting fascinating elements of heavy rock, psychedelic rock, Tuvan throat-singing, world music, blues, punk, progressive music and Finno-Ugrian myths together into a rich package of good ethnic rock music! Unfortunately Lari Hammarberg left the band at spring 2009, thus the session drummer shall be heard at the next album. The band will start to record the album at the summer 2009.
    URLs: http://hirwenkota.havusiipi.fi
  • Triskilian - [Medieval,Pagan]


    Country: Germany 
    Style: Medieval, Folk
    Band Members: German medieval and Folk music band. Which play traditional song from all over the world on traditional instruments like keyed fiddles, celtic harp, bagpipes and a lot of other instruments. 
    URLs: http://www.triskilian.de/
  • Karnnos - [neo folk]


    Country: Portugal 
    Style: Dark Ambient, Neofolk
    Band Members: Johan Aernus, A. Guerra, Belmil, N. Cruz, J. Filipe
    Profile: Karnnos are a Portugese industrially-tinged folk quarter, originally formed as a duo by Johan Aernus and A. Guerra
    URLs: http://www.myspace.com/karnnos2
  • Country: Germany 
    Style: Martial Industrial, Neofolk, Modern Classical, Dark Ambient,
    Band Members: Angelo Bergamini, Elena Alice Fossi
    Profile: Stalingrad was born in 1998, starting as project run by ex-Kirlian Camera member Ivano Bizzi, produced by Angelo Bergamini. The two recorded a compilation track called “Der Letzte Flug”, but Ivano gave up soon with the project and the album in preparation was cancelled. It is to be told that Angelo didn’t like the idea of killing Stalingrad, so two years later he asked Elena Alice Fossi (today’s Kirlian Camera frontliner and co-leader) whether she might like to start running a brand new Stalingrad incarnation, becoming the singer/co-composer of the project. Elena accepted with enthusiasm, so the duo, after a few days, found itself at work on a debut-album and not that later such a record saw the light. It was spring 2002, and the work came out in two versions: standard Digipak-CD edition and limited edition containing an additional re-mix CD by Nueva Germania and DDR. Both editions went sold-out pretty soon. After a few concerts in Germany and Italy, Stalingrad released a split CD with Kirlian Camera, limited to 1001 hand-numbered copies: an extract from their show held at the Slimelight, London. The disc is to be taken as an “official bootleg”, acknolewdged by the band(s). In 2006, Argentinian label Twilight Records (www.twilight-records.com.ar), has re-issued the first album showing different artwork conceived and made by Elena. In the meanwhile, such a work has become a real cult item. The duo doesn’t exclude the possibility of releasing a new Stalingrad work in 2007 (an ep, probably?). Discography: 2002 “Court-Martial (Pompous, shamelessly uncool, heartfelt b-music)” 2CD limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies SPKR/ENDE *sold-out 2002 “Court-Martial (Pompous, shamelessly uncool, heartfelt b-music)” standard Digipak-CD edition SPKR/ENDE *sold-out 2003 “Live in London” (split with Kirlian Camera) Digipak-CD limited edition of 1001 hand- numbered copies *official bootleg 2006 “Court-Martial (Pompous, shamelessly uncool, heartfelt b-music)” Digipak-CD re-issue Twilight Records
    URLs: http://www.myspace.com/stalingradderletzteflug