• Orom - [neo folk]


    Country: Hungary 
    Style: Dark Ambient, Folk, Doom Metal
    Band Members: Vizio, Holdh, Myst
    Profile: darkambient/folk band from Hungary
    URLs: http://www.myspace.com/orom
  • Harvest Rain - [neo folk]


    Country: US 
    Style: Neofolk, Goth Rock, Folk Rock
    Band Members: Thompkins, Jamey Thompkins, Christopher Melh
    Profile: From the depths of South Carolina's murky swamps Jason and Jamey Thompkins started playing essentially death-rock and batcave rhymes. Joined by Christopher Melh in the mid-90s, the newly-founded trio released a bunch of tapes and cd-rs along with participations to famous samplers under the Harvest Rain moniker, mixing dark-folk tunes ala Death In June with more ethereal soundscapes reminiscent of Joy Division's atmospheres. The lyrics are poetical, dealing with ghost stories and legends from South carolina and Europe. Following one mcd (with Matt Howden of Sol Invictus fame) and one 7" vinyl ep their first real album, Night Chorus, was released in 2005 by french label OPN and see the collaboration of people like Tor Lundvall or Axel Frank of Werkraum.
  • Country: Russia 
    Style: Dark Ambient, Modern Classical, Industrial
    Band Members: georgiy thieme 
    Profile: Anthesteria is audiovisual project and was started in March, 2001 by Georgiy Thieme, after several efforts with other projects and bands. Word "Anthesteria" stands for ancient-Greek spring celebration, a part of Dionysian rituals, devoted to spirits of the dead ancestors and to the flowers, where their souls should rest.
    The two main ideas concerned with Anthesteria are: travel and feelings. Music acts like a guide for different places in this World and beyond, somewhere in subconsciousness. Feelings, as well as emotions are deeply connected with travels, allowing you to be involved in what's going on.
    Anthesteria use a multi-perceptional approach. This means that albums are supported with photographs, videos and other multimedia. Among rare projects Anthesteria uses aromatization for CDs.
    Sometimes, but not often, live performances happen. We are always open for contacts. Especially we are interested in producing soundtracks for movies and participation in compilations with unusual concepts.
    Styles related to Anthesteria are: dark ambient, neoclassical, industrial, gothic, experimental.
    URLs: http://www.anthesteria.stillclouds.com/
  • Louisa John-Krol - [neo folk]


    Country: Australia 
    Style: Neofolk, Modern Classical, Ethereal
    Band Members: Brett Taylor
    Profile: Australian artist producing romantic pop/ethereal faerie music. Lyrically, Louisa John-Krol explores mythological themes. Internationally acclaimed, her songs challenge the boundaries of underground scenes that cherish them and even inspired a faerietale "Louisa" by Alyz Tale, published in France.
    Louisa is on the French fairy label Prikosnovenie. Her songs of centaurs, birds, seagiants, dragons, psychopomps, sirens and salamanders combine fiery energy with ambience, whimsy and humanity.
  • Label: MidNight Productions
    Catalog#: MN017
    Format: DigiCD
    Country: Italy
    Released: 2009
    Style: Martial, Modern Classical, Neofolk