• Country: Australia 
    Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Abstract, Industrial, Noise
    Band Members: Darrin Verhagen
    Profile: Shinjuku Thief is the musical identity of Australia's Darrin Verhagen. Verhagen holds a masters degree in sound from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and has recorded nine albums of dark ambient/postclassical/experimental music. His comissioned work has provided the score for numerous dance, theatre and film productions. In addition to recording under the name Shinjuku Thief and other aliases, Verhagen releases other similarly experimental artists on his own label, Dorobo.
    URLs: http://www.darrinverhagen.com/
  • Louisa John-Krol - [neo folk]


    Country: Australia 
    Style: Neofolk, Modern Classical, Ethereal
    Band Members: Brett Taylor
    Profile: Australian artist producing romantic pop/ethereal faerie music. Lyrically, Louisa John-Krol explores mythological themes. Internationally acclaimed, her songs challenge the boundaries of underground scenes that cherish them and even inspired a faerietale "Louisa" by Alyz Tale, published in France.
    Louisa is on the French fairy label Prikosnovenie. Her songs of centaurs, birds, seagiants, dragons, psychopomps, sirens and salamanders combine fiery energy with ambience, whimsy and humanity.