• Drolls - [Medieval,Pagan]


    Country: Belarus 
    Style: Medieval, Folk, Early
    Band Members: Dmitry Cherevko, Pavel Popov, Igor Solovyev, Alexey Nikitin, Sergei Popov,
    Profile: The early music ensemble Drolls was founded in October 1999. The major part of the ensemble creative activity is Western-European music of Middle Ages and Renaissance.
    URLs: http://drolls.onego.ru/
  • Country: Belarus 
    Style: Dark Ambient, Pagan, Folk
    Band Members: Voist Angiras
    Profile: Pragnavit was started in 1996 and soon 2 albums were released very close to the ambient works of a black metal band. Pragnavit split-up in 1998, when Voist started Udumbal, but reformed to release "Svetacjam" in 2007. In the last album participated Andrus Palauchenia and Kastus Kantsavy from the folk band Osimira giving the release unbelievable atmosphere with chants and traditional instruments.
    URLs: http://www.myspace.com/pragnavit