• Harvest Rain - [neo folk]


    Country: US 
    Style: Neofolk, Goth Rock, Folk Rock
    Band Members: Thompkins, Jamey Thompkins, Christopher Melh
    Profile: From the depths of South Carolina's murky swamps Jason and Jamey Thompkins started playing essentially death-rock and batcave rhymes. Joined by Christopher Melh in the mid-90s, the newly-founded trio released a bunch of tapes and cd-rs along with participations to famous samplers under the Harvest Rain moniker, mixing dark-folk tunes ala Death In June with more ethereal soundscapes reminiscent of Joy Division's atmospheres. The lyrics are poetical, dealing with ghost stories and legends from South carolina and Europe. Following one mcd (with Matt Howden of Sol Invictus fame) and one 7" vinyl ep their first real album, Night Chorus, was released in 2005 by french label OPN and see the collaboration of people like Tor Lundvall or Axel Frank of Werkraum.
  • Cultus Ferox - [Medieval,Pagan]


    Country: Germany 
    Style: Medieval, Folk Rock
    Band Members: Brandanarius, Donar von Avignon, PanPeter, Strahli der Animator, El BoBlinger, Barbarella, Finne van Hinnen, Rudel Rudi, Romaneska
    Profile: Medieval band from the German
    ULRs: http://www.cultusferox.com
  • Label: Antica Fonografia Il Levriero 
    Catalog#: LEV 002 
    Format: CD, Album, Digipak
    Country: Italy
    Released: 16 Jan 2006
    Style: Folk Rock, Prog Rock, Neofolk