• Country: Russia 
    Style: Dark Ambient, Modern Classical, Industrial
    Band Members: georgiy thieme 
    Profile: Anthesteria is audiovisual project and was started in March, 2001 by Georgiy Thieme, after several efforts with other projects and bands. Word "Anthesteria" stands for ancient-Greek spring celebration, a part of Dionysian rituals, devoted to spirits of the dead ancestors and to the flowers, where their souls should rest.
    The two main ideas concerned with Anthesteria are: travel and feelings. Music acts like a guide for different places in this World and beyond, somewhere in subconsciousness. Feelings, as well as emotions are deeply connected with travels, allowing you to be involved in what's going on.
    Anthesteria use a multi-perceptional approach. This means that albums are supported with photographs, videos and other multimedia. Among rare projects Anthesteria uses aromatization for CDs.
    Sometimes, but not often, live performances happen. We are always open for contacts. Especially we are interested in producing soundtracks for movies and participation in compilations with unusual concepts.
    Styles related to Anthesteria are: dark ambient, neoclassical, industrial, gothic, experimental.
    URLs: http://www.anthesteria.stillclouds.com/
  • Waldsonne - [neo folk]


    Country: Russia
    Style: Neofolk, Acoustic
    Band Members: Anna-Noel Buzuk, Ilya Lipkin, Petr Sviridov, Veronika Martynova
    Profile: The story of WALDSONNE began in 2003 when four members of the Moscow-based dark-folk band NEUTRAL “saw the sunlight streaming through the black depths of the forest” and made their mind to play warm and light-colored songs while remaining in the neo-folk trend. LANGUOR was born that year. In 2004, the song “The Purpose Wells” was included to the Shadowplay Records 2CD-release naturally entitled “Colours of Black: Russian dark scene compilation”. Designating their distance from the dark-scene, the ensemble changed their name to WALDSONNE and start recording material for their debut album. Veronika Martynova (voice, Irish harp), Iliya Lipkin (mandolin, acoustic guitar), Petr Sviridov (acoustic guitar), and Anna-Noel Buzuk (violin) strive to merge into natural forces and express themselves in live-acoustic instrumentation and natural singing.
    URLs: http://waldsonne.woods.ru/
  • Temnojar - [neo folk]


    Country: Russian
    Style: Dark Ambient, Neofolk
    Band Members: Temnojar
    Profile: Idea to frame the musical project was born in 1999, when the composition "Echo of Hyperborea ", born by contemplation of cold landscapes of Taimyrian nature and ideas that here, on Far North, many millenaries back, lived and the prospered Legendary Hyperborea - Empire of Great White Race of the Gods. Inspired by various images, in the period with 2000-2002 were written many compositions, part from which, that was born by my dreams about Hyperborea, was finally recorded in 2002, and the enters into first demo "Echo of Hyperborea". On the given time a material for the following demo "Kriegersweg" already is almost completed.
    URLs: http://www.thepaganfront.com/temnojar/
  • Cercein - [Modern Classical]


    Country: Russian
    Style: Ambient, Modern Classical, Neofolk
    Band Members: Cercein
    Profile: Russian band
    URLs: http://www.myspace.com/cercein
  • Label: Vetvei 
    Catalog#: V05 
    Format: CDr, Limited Edition
    Country: Russia
    Released: 13 Apr 2009
    Style: Dark Ambient, Tribal, Drone, Folk, Ambient